Is it ethical to work with crystals?

Seeing a documentary a while back about Rose Quartz mining, it became clear to me why most Rose Quartz has felt like its energy is in 'shock'. Much of it has required quite some cleansing and balancing before I've been able to work with it. Mineral mining that is done with mass-profits in mind and violently without regard to the environment is an important consideration on this field. There is a palpable difference in crystals that are sourced in a smaller scale and dealt with by aware individuals along the way. I have come to discern this energy and naturally gravitate towards crystals with their energy intact. However, it is not a crystal's fault if it has been mined in a violent manner. There is a case for 'rescue' crystals too - you just have to know how to nurse their energy back to balance.

Some years ago I went through a phase of balancing/healing groups of crystals from the ill-handling they had experienced, often as a result of violent mining practices or other careless and rough knocking about. It just takes a little time and effort to bring their energy back to balance, and they end up as powerful as ever. It is beneficial as well, for such healing extends to the oversoul of the crystal so the crystal type as a whole benefits. 'Rescuing' crystals also left me with a great affinity to 'wounded healer' crystals. I may write about those another time. As an individual, it is difficult to know how to take a stand against unscrupulous mining practices and many seem to think boycotting crystals is the only way. Personally I would prefer to see those mining practices across the world that still lack integrity to up their standards so that local people in all mining communities can earn their living fairly. How to help this... Like for many malfunctions of this world that repeatedly tear my heart into shreds, I wish I had a solution. In my own small way I can research and source my crystals from those with integrity. I can make sure I pass on what I genuinely know and feel to be wholesome. I can aim to keep my own energy pure.

I know for certain that crystals have a purpose in our lives, they want to work with us and support us. I believe that a mindful, aware work with crystals can have a huge positive effect. This includes you - the integrity with which you collect, wear and handle your crystals reverberates and raises the frequency all around, thus combatting the lower vibes that otherwise might get a stronger hold. So thank you, for living with awareness and loving crystals.