June 2023 Gratitude Give-Away

At the time of writing this, I'm running a Give-Away across Facebook & Instagram until Solstice day. This morning I woke up to some commotion on my Facebook business page. While it was nighttime in the UK, some lowlife had decided to clone my business page on Facebook, then commenting to people's entries as "You are the winner!" and proceeding to solicit credit card details from everyone.

Some wonderfully sharp-eyed people spotted that there's something iffy going on and alerted me to this. It's very clever how these people operate. So I just want to say publicly here for all further notice: I will NEVER ever ask for your credit card details. The only time is when you choose to purchase something from a listing here on my website. I only sell via here. And all the Give-Aways I've offered throughout the years have always been and will always remain completely FREE for those who enter and for those who win. From the winners I only ever need their postal address so I know where to send their prize.

I take protecting my space very seriously. Not just for my own sake, but for protecting that space to be safe for everyone who interacts with me. I'm also very happy to know that you are all clever, focused and discerning individuals, and the only reason this scammer had a chance was because of the mutual trust you and I have built over the years - the integrity of our human connection, they wanted to attack that and make a quick buck. Not on my watch. I'm kind and lovely to a point, but anyone be horrid to those whom I care about, and they greatly underestimate me.

I'm planning on doing the Winners draw as a video, which should keep any scammer from being able to infiltrate by pretending to be me. Unless they have some serious deep fake AI skills, my Finnish accent should be difficult enough to convincingly replicate! 

Sending all my love to all you wonderful people who have reported the fake Spirit Carrier profile on Facebook, I've been told that there is strength in numbers when identity theft like this happens. I'm so very grateful to you all!