Learn to Make Your Own Meditation Mala

Spirit Carrier's Mala Making Masterclass returns!

Last year's course day was so wonderful and participants' creations so successful that I've promised to teach this class again. Online, so you can attend from anywhere in the world, as long as the date and time suit you.


What participants have said:
"Thank you so so much for the brilliant workshop!"
"I absolutely loved it!"
"Prior to your class I had never knotted before. But your instructions were so easy to follow, and my stress level was so low and relaxed due to the wonderful meditations, that I was honestly amazed that I caught on so fast. Please run more classes. I will definitely be there! "
"I learned so much in such a short time."
"Your instruction was very clear and I was able to follow you, and I think it was the fastest I have ever worked. I particularly liked the way you introduced us to the concept of beading and knotting as a form of meditation. Knotting good intentions like magic spells into our creations."
"Thanks again for your generosity in sharing not only your knowledge but also deep wisdom and compassion."

Meditation Mala Masterclass online with Spirit Carrier