Meditation Mala Masterclass

I'm thrilled to show you the meditation malas made in my recent online masterclass. Some of the participants kindly emailed me photos of their completed malas, and aren't they amazing!

It took me quite a while to consider teaching a class over Zoom because the aspect of everyone physically in the same space has always been very dear to me. But I indeed found out how precious it can be to gather together from far-away locations and share a virtual studio space. And I didn't need to worry how the instruction would 'travel' through the computer screen because the results turned out to be breathtaking! Some utterly stunning malas got made. We went an hour over the time I thought it would take, but I also didn't want to leave anything out!

Thank you so much for attending, you amazing mala making masters! I'm so glad to hear that many of you have already carried on making more meditation malas, too. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

Kind words from the participants:

"Prior to your class I had never knotted before. But your instructions were so easy to follow, and my stress level was so low and relaxed due to the wonderful meditations, that I was honestly amazed that I caught on so fast. Please run more classes. I will definitely be there!"

"I learned so much and felt so deeply connected. I’ve never made a Mala like this in my life, but I’m very satisfied with the results. You are a great and inspiring teacher."

"Thanks again for an amazing experience, and for the depth of your attention and care. When I wore it for the first time it felt amazing and so very comfortable."

"I just wanted to send a message to say thanks for such a lovely workshop yesterday! I really enjoyed the ‘meditative-ness’ of creating the mala. I can foresee myself making many more."

"It was so lovely to meet you yesterday. I learned so much in such a short time. It was very intense wasn’t it! Your instruction was very clear and I was able to follow you, and I think it was the fastest I have ever worked. I particularly liked the way you introduced us to the concept of beading and knotting as a form of meditation. Knotting good intentions like magic spells into our creations. That is something I will certainly be practicing from now on. Especially the breathing."