Old dress to new dress with natural colour

Thinking about a dress choice for an event later this summer, I kept coming back to my all time favourite long silk dress. I just love it so, it's comfortable, and I'd have to spend way too much time trying to find something remotely as lovely... But wearing the one single dress at every occasion probably is getting a bit boring. So, my creative solution: updating the plain all pale pink dress with some arty eco-dyeing, why not! This dress being such a favourite, I'm still surprised that I had the courage boil it. That's what I did three weeks ago. Bundled with some plants from our back garden, this is what it looked like in the process of "being planted":

I was very patient, more patient than normally, and was able to let the bundle soak for a full three weeks before the excitement got the better of me and I opened the dye bundle earlier today:

Removing the wet, slimy plant material from the fabric isn't my favourite thing, but can't be helped. I had hoped for but hadn't dared to expect, the colours that I was now happy to discover. Delicious pinks, peaches, purples, hints of green and yellow... Just like an abstract watercolour painting.

Every step in the process of eco-dyeing with local windfall plants is so beautifully visual. Just up my street, really. Like this crunched up dress right after I had rinsed it:

My beloved dress is now drying, and I'm onto pondering the next necessity: a raw crystal necklace to match. There are a couple of crystals in my collection that I've hoped to work with for a while now, but making something for myself is never a priority. Now I think I have a good excuse. Natural plant colour (dress) combined with natural crystal energy (necklace) is certainly my kind of fashion.