New! Spirit Carrier's crystal grid base

Something fun coming up! I felt it was time to offer a lovely little 'tool' for my treasured crystal-loving customers, so this small, travel-size 'Flower of Life' crystal grid base was born. The first stack arrived from the printer yesterday, and I've been playing with it myself ever since!

This is the first edition of this crystal grid base and will be available from my next shop update (16th Nov) onwards. There will be a few unique sets of crystals available, like the one in this photo, that come with one of these crystal grid bases, allowing you to start playing instantly. But I also plan to send one of these base grids *free* with any purchase to both new & existing customers until I run out of this first batch. That means, when you purchase something from the Spirit Carrier shop from next week onwards, I'll be including one of these grid bases in the parcel too. You can then have fun with your own existing crystals :)

The crystal grid is printed on paper that is is 200gsm thick with matte surface and square in shape (12x12cm). The Flower of Life pattern is white lines on a dark brown, subtle photographic background (the stones in the background photo are the wonderful, shamanic desert sand concretion stones from Morocco).

Enjoyable crystal playtimes ahead!