Rune Dreams oracle cards

My months' long labour of love is now out on Kickstarter for those of you who might share my interest in Elder Futhark runes and Norse mythology. You can pledge until the 8th of December 2022 to receive your one or both of the decks at the campaign price. After that date, you can still see the archived project and the photographs at Rune Dreams.

Rune Dreams cards

One of the rewards includes Freyja's Strength runic talisman necklace. 

Freya's Amber rune talisman necklace

There are two decks with different imagery on each, one in colour, the other in monochrome. And a digital guide book is available too for those who might be new to the world of runes.

Do check out the Rune Dreams Kickstarter campaign page for more info and images of the bonus cards too!