Speaking my mind...

Over the years I’ve been asked many times the common question of “Which crystal would help me with [insert any issue]?”

Now, I could make things simple and reply “Abundance? Here, pick Pyrite or Citrine” …or… “Weight loss? Here, try Apatite.”
Sure, it’s nice and simple yet still, in my world, very surface level. And as I’m not one for such simplistic replies, those enquirers go their way, often startled by my lengthy email reply about the nuances of crystal energy and the importance of trusting your own intuition.

Because in all integrity, I cannot give you a half-hearted answer that at the base of it isn’t even particularly empowering. For me, crystal energy has always gone a lot deeper than that. Plus, it’s not just the various crystals for me, but also their combinations that I work with, which create their own unique symphony. So for someone, I might find that the best choice isn’t just a crystal but a certain combination, to achieve the best result. Like spices, the combination of a few creates a new kind of flavour.

Indeed, those who are looking for easy answers, rarely connect with Spirit Carrier. Instead, I have noticed that those who are already well aware of their own independent path, have a sense of their purpose in this world and a developed ability to make choices based on their inner guidance, those are most often long-time keepers of Spirit Carrier amulets.

Because this is what it’s about:
I find that each crystal has a multitude of what I call “skills and capabilities” (just as you do!) and as an individual, you have your own pattern of energy, experiences, collection of beliefs etc, that whatever may stand in your way of achieving your desired outcome, may not be the same for someone else who has a similar goal. To put it plainly, what blocks you from achieving something, may be different from what blocks someone else achieving the same thing.
Crystals connect with you on a deeper level than you are ever consciously aware of. If you attempt to select a crystal for your issue purely on a conscious level, you’ll ignore a large portion of the incredible support that you could enjoy by selecting the crystal that you feel inexplicably drawn to. Meaning… instead of you choosing the crystal, letting the crystal choose you!

“What if I really feel like wearing a calming blue crystal together with an energising orange one? Don’t they cancel each other out?” Empathically, not always. Crystals are quite a bit more multi-dimensional than that, in my experience.
Sure, someone else might never feel like wearing that combination. But who knows, your situation may well be such that a part of you needs calming down at the same time as another part of you needs perking up and ushering into action! I know, because a combination like this helped a friend of mine complete her research paper - wearing her Spirit Carrier talisman anchored her into calmness to sit long enough at her desk focusing, while at the same time reminding her about her ability to access all the required energy to keep going through to the end.
When you listen to your own inner sensations, remain in your power and discern what is going on around you and within you, you may well gravitate towards a crystal that you would not have even selected based on its ‘official’ properties, but which on a hidden level carries the exact right energy that unlocks whatever needs to be unlocked within you.

As there is now considerable research done on the benefits of intuitive decision making, this is always my first advice: you can make faster, more accurate and more confident decisions when you cultivate reliance on your own ability to choose what is best for you. This is the reason I include crystal properties in my website listings. You have already connected with a certain crystal combination through the energy of the photograph - how fun it is to then find the description and notice why you were drawn to that crystal combination in the first place! It builds that experience, learning to trust your inner nudges when they get confirmed time and again.

Thus, I celebrate all of you, my dear crystal tribe here, for being the empowered light bearers, the intuitive crystal choosers and the makers of your own destinies!
♡ Keep being gloriously you! ♡