What is your most memorable crystal moment?

Around a decade ago, a stunning raw Quartz crystal point found its way to me from the Himalayas. It was unlike any I had met before, I adored it with all my heart.

One of the ‘crystal habits’ I had at the time, was placing the crystal I wanted to get to know more under my pillow for several nights. So it was just natural I’d take this breathtakingly beautiful crystal spirit into my dreams with me.

A few nights later, one morning at waking up I routinely lifted my pillow to take the crystal out for the day. Only this time, the crystal had somehow got caught in the folds of the pillowcase and before I knew it, my treasure had flown to the floor and shattered to pieces.

In a sudden moment of shock like this, it is not easy to put such a disappointment in perspective. I was so utterly sad.

Soon, the logical and rationalising part of me wanted to belittle my reaction. After all, it wasn’t a person close to me that had gotten hurt. My house hadn’t burnt down. It was just a crystal. But I wouldn’t have been true to myself, had I just brushed off this sense of loss. It needed to be acknowledged, given attention to, and gently processed.

I took the pieces to my favourite place in the wilderness where there was a clear, rocky stream. I found the deepest part of that stream, and bid my lovely crystal farewell. I’m sure it found its happy place there. Yet I’ve never forgotten this beautiful treasure, the crystal that stayed with me the shortest of time out of all my crystals.

Not long after, it turned out this crystal had come to me with a lesson.
Whilst it was “just a crystal” breaking, just a “1st world problem” of a disappointment, the real life breaking and loss came a few months later. My tendency to (sometimes dismissively) brush off my own personal difficulties needed looking into, as it became clear that my precious crystal spirit had come to offer certain wisdom just before it was needed:
Like my crystal, when life as I knew it broke, it wasn't the end of it or its vibration, it simply changed shape and location. When you break open, it can reveal untold resources within you. When your life suddenly changes shape, there is value in patient observation. So you’ll be able to spot the resources that have been revealed, those that will help you move forward and create something new from the ashes left behind. You might even discover a newly formed open space that is just waiting to be filled with something wonderful you never could have known about before. Now all you need to do is to allow the change and flow into a new direction.

The space that opened up to me that time was eventually filled up with all that is now Spirit Carrier.
Keep flowing, keep creating your life!

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