Zoom Spirit Carrier Oracle ~ aka 'Rune Dreams Crystal Edition'
Zoom Spirit Carrier Oracle ~ aka 'Rune Dreams Crystal Edition'

Spirit Carrier Oracle ~ aka 'Rune Dreams Crystal Edition'


That price got you to look, didn't it! :)

This deck is still under wraps, not out yet, work in progress. I'm just including this link and description here because one card of this deck is included among other artists' work compiled into the 'Oracle of Secrets' in The Alleyway Oracles series of decks.

This deck is currently coming into being one odd card at a time, combining my love of crystals, Elder Futhark runes, my Northern roots and three decades of artist practice, combined with some individual quirks and shared connections with the crystal tribe. The deck is an eclectic mix of metaphors, aimed for your own personal meaning-making and wayfinding through life's myriad of choices and decisions.

I invite your participation in this creation process: if you would be willing to answer a somewhat peculiar questionnaire, email me: miailluzia@gmail.com with the subject line of 'Spirit Carrier Oracle' and I will send the questionnaire to you. Estimated time needed to answer the questions is approx. 30 mins.

This deck is estimated to be available for purchase mid-to-end 2024.

(And of course, if you have £10000 to spare and would like to fund the publishing of this deck, by all means feel free to become a valued and appreciated Sponsor by purchasing this listing!)


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