In my quest to source crystal treasures, I've come to meet some very special individuals - geologists, mineralogists, those who travel to locations they specialise in and who are passionate about what they do. Over the years my personal collection of crystals has obviously grown, and I cherish each gem as a companion on my life path.

For a while now, whenever I have been sourcing crystals that might like to be made wearable, there have been some that have caught my attention, crystals that seem to whisper... saying they're on a journey, they have a mission, they need to reach their destination... They're always so gorgeous I'd love to include them in my own collection (that's why they first caught my attention!) yet what's there for me to learn is... they're not to stay with me They are meant to go elsewhere. Sigh. But, at least I can help them on their journey! These ones here are travelling through the Spirit Carrier studio to find their keepers, and I have a feeling each already knows where they will be needed...

So if you feel a connection to a crystal here, listen to its whisper, you two might like to get to know each other more closely. It's always best to choose a crystal (or - to be chosen by a crystal) through heart-based intuition. Reading about crystals' healing properties is always interesting, but you are certainly well advised to trust that inner 'pull', the inexplicable feeling that's almost like a magnet when you contemplate adding a crystal to your collection. Enjoy browsing, and listen with your heart :)

Please note that some of the crystals here are quite heavy. If you order more than one, the shipping cost gets automatically calculated according to individual package weights. However, if the combined shipping cost comes to less than you paid, I will refund you the difference!