Crystal amulets

Spirit Carrier crystal amulets are jewellery with a deeper meaning, daily companions that support you on your life path. Energy tools disguised as jewellery. There's a purpose to wearing one that goes beyond adornment.

A crystal healing amulet can keep your space, remind you of what you're really about, it can be an affirmation of what you're aiming for, quietly working with you on any issues that are important to you.

The most important aspect of Spirit Carrier amulets is the crystal energy: creating combinations from various elements that all together add to an individual crystal healing effect.

Crystals are intelligent - the energetics of each can work differently when included in a different grouping. My role is to intuitively listen and allow the crystals to show how they'd best like to settle to be worn. Some crystals, for their vibe, work together better than some others. But I'm always open to exploring and discovering new ways that crystals might like to work their magic.

There are as many possibilities as there are individuals who might be looking to wear a Spirit Carrier crystal amulet! No two amulets ever end up exactly the same - similar stone combinations perhaps or resembling each other, but never totally identical. Each of you is an individual, with your own specific energy signature. When I work, I'm constantly tuning into the purpose that any crystal amulet will be for. So in that way, each crystal amulet is specifically made for the one who will be wearing it.

Each crystal amulet leaves my studio energetically cleansed and activated, blessed for your highest good and with the genuine, pure intention of supporting you in achieving what your soul most desires. 

Although Spirit Carrier crystal amulets look like jewellery, I don't see them as jewellery. They're more like companions that support their wearer on their life's path. Energy tools disguised as jewellery.
There is a purpose to wearing one that goes beyond adornment.