Online Sessions

Experience your life with more clarity 
through harnessing your inner wisdom in new, innovative ways.


I will guide you with my innovative, and occasionally unusual methods to connect with your own intuition and awareness in empowering ways to improve your life. You'll reach those deeper levels of your being where hidden gems of inner wisdom reside. A renewed alignment of your energy ensues, most likely with new insights and understandings that help you accelerate your life towards what you desire.

Whether you would like to release a bothersome emotion or limitation, to heal a hurt from long ago, or to explore any personal issue that you haven't so far been able to release, I’ll guide you with gentle yet effective methods to feel better and to begin shaping your life through improved actions and behaviours.

You can attend and enjoy sessions with me comfortably in your own home wherever you are in the world.

These online sessions are geared towards exploring your own inner awareness and creating beneficial change in an area of your choosing. We'll do this through specifically structured exercises that involve your focus and attention in ways that are, in addition to helping you reach new insights, also proven to help your nervous system regulation and somatic harmony.

Depending on the issue you want to work with, I may include in our session(s) some integral eye movement sequences as well as the exploration of your autogenic metaphors. A large part of the emotional healing work that I do, is not only 'energetic' but based on how our brain codes memories and past experiences, to direct future predictions in more beneficial ways. I can guide you to integrating polarities, release stuck states and develop more empowering identities to create your desired results.

I will always meet you authentically where you are and hold pure, non-judgemental heart space for you where you can feel safe, accepted and fully heard.

And you can certainly always bring your chosen crystals to incorporate in our sessions as well.


If you have any questions, just send me a message

How come, as a creative artist of more than 30 years, I'm also offering these personal mentoring sessions?
My mission with this is the very same as it is with my crystal amulets: to help you create an even clearer connection with your own inner guidance so you can always trust in your ability to deal with whatever occurs in your life. I promote personal sovereignty, for you to be always guided by your own inner radar, to be discerning of your own authentic experience.

Over the years, I have completed various certifications, some of which I these days value more than others. Beginning in the early 1990s, such as past life regression, crystal healing, chakra balancing, reiki master (Usui & Seichem) etc. I then became interested in the involvement of our brain's unconscious processes in our perceptions of energy and delved into studying the role and structured use of imagination and creativity in affecting our life experience and now apply my learnings to these mentoring sessions. In addition, I'm a certified, insured hypnotherapist, coherent breathwork coach and IEMT practitioner. 

You can always contact me for a chat to find out if you'd like to attend a session with me.   

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own."
~Benjamin Disraeli