Zoom Crystal energy talisman ~ with Hematite & Labradorite
Zoom Crystal energy talisman ~ with Hematite & Labradorite
Zoom Crystal energy talisman ~ with Hematite & Labradorite

Crystal energy talisman ~ with Hematite & Labradorite


Chunky necklace with three smooth Labradorite crystals as a focal point, combined with electroplated Hematite, sandalwood and greywood. This chunky necklace is meticulously beaded by hand using a double thickness of black micro-macrame cord and alternating the golden hued Hematites with greywood and sandalwood beads, giving the necklace an approximate width of 1 cm (0.4"). The ends of the black necklace braids are joined into a decorative 'seal' with a matching elements. This is easy daily wear that offers useful crystal energy properties to benefit your life.

The beaded part of the necklace is approx. 34 cm (13") with the overall necklace length adjustable by sliding the knotted channel along the braids. The central trio of Labradorite is approx. 3 cm (1.2") wide, of which the middle Labradorite is 2 cm (0.8") at its longest measurement.

Care: To protect the wooden components as well as the cotton cord from deteriorating, showering / swimming while wearing this necklace is not recommended.

You'll receive this necklace in one of Spirit Carrier's handmade, luxurious brown reindeer hide draw-string pouches, with matching bead detailing - useful for the safe-keeping of the necklace. This great gift set also arrives gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

*Ships from Spirit Carrier's small artisan studio in England, UK*


One of the most powerful, versatile crystal tools for healing. Creates an auric shield and strengthens your innate energy and life force, preventing energy leakages. Enhances intuitive abilities and assists in spiritual transformation. Helps the wearer align with their highest destiny and discover their inner worth. Strengthens willpower and brings in new ideas. Often referred to as the 'Stone of Destiny’, believed to help you to find your true path in life, and as ‘Temple of the Stars’, anchoring higher dimensional light into your being.

Legend associated with Labradorite: According to an Inuit legend, the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. It is told that a wandering Inuit warrior found them and was able to free most of the lights with a mighty blow of his spear. Some of the lights still stayed within the stone, and thus we have today the beautiful mineral known as Labradorite.

Creates a strong sense of self and enhances the creative flow. Relieves stress. Revitalises, enhancing personal magnetism and optimism. Helps in releasing self-imposed limitations to find your own unique gifts. A stone of balance and equilibrium. Grounds when feeling scattered, increases alertness and vigilance.

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