Zoom Crystal healing amulet with Quartz cluster

Crystal healing amulet with Quartz cluster


Crystal healing amulet subtly combining pure Quartz energy with Prehnite's healing vibes. This small cluster in triangular shape includes multiple tiny Quartz points and is un-drilled. The necklace is knotted with light grey micro-macrame cord, very strong and durable, yet soft and comfortable to wear. The knotwork, as well as the ends of the adjustable necklace cords, includes pale green, faceted Prehnite crystals. This Quartz cluster would look great if worn at quite a short length. The Quartz cluster 'triangle' is not large nor heavy so would also make perfect daily wear, whether in the office or at leisure.

The length of the necklace is fully adjustable from as short as you wish down to heart level. The Quartz cluster is approx. 3.5 cm (1.4") tall and approx. 3 cm (1.2") at its widest.

There are no metals in this necklace so would be particularly suitable for those with metal sensitivities, energy workers and those who simply prefer not to wear metal.

You'll receive this crystal healing necklace in one of my fabric draw-string pouches, great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

Read here how to take care of your crystal jewellery.


The universal master crystal that has a harmonising effect on all levels of being. Programmable by intention, so can be used for versatile purposes. Quartz can clear, enhance, amplify, transmute, balance, focus and transmit energy. Raises one's energetic vibration. Brings clarity and filters out distractions. A deep soul cleanser, attuning its keeper to their higher self. Each Quartz crystal is unique with its own character and teachings it offers, all are known as “Stones of Power” and “Master Healers”.

Protective on all levels, strengthening one's life force. Fosters a sense of trust in the Universe and helps you protect your boundaries so it's easier to say "no" when needed. Stimulates inner knowing of oneself and guides in fulfilling one's potential. Helps to let go of unpleasant memories. Enhances spiritual "knowing". Revitalising and said to bring inner peace. Also said to be "a healer's healer".


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