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Crystal healing amulet with a Tangerine Quartz point. This crystal shows two other tiny Quartz points embedded on its side at some point during its growth cycle. This type of Quartz formation is called 'Inner Child' - it is said to bring healing and bridge energies between one's inner and outer self as well as between inner and outer worlds. The necklace is knotted with reddish brown micro-macrame cord and highlighted with Tiger Iron and Carnelian crystals.

The necklace length is adjustable from as short as you wish down to solar plexus level. The Tangerine Quartz is just under 5 cm (2") tall and just over 1 cm (0.4") wide at the middle.

You'll receive this crystal healing necklace in one of my handmade fabric draw-string pouches - great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


Associated with the sacral chakra as well as the third chakra, this crystal supports flow of creativity and boosts manifestation from the spirit dimension into physical form. Beneficial for self-esteem, helps in releasing self-limiting beliefs and emotional patterns. Multi-dimensional healer crystal, especially supportive after trauma or shock. Unlocks more of your inner wisdom to be available for creating in your life what your soul desires.

A stone of vitality, confidence and motivation, bringing energy and strength. Beneficial for empaths who may easily feel drained from taking on other people's emotions. A creativity stone that assists in bringing out one's hidden talents.

Known as a stone of motivation and courage. Stimulates creativity and increases one's sense of self-worth. Balancing for body's energy levels, restoring vitality and motivation. Said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. A success stone that helps you follow through with plans. Stone of action that aids in overcoming procrastination. Helps in gaining more understanding of one's inner self. Stimulating to the Sacral Chakra, which, when in balance, allows one to enjoy life, feel its joys and pleasures, be flexible and 'go with the flow'.