Zoom "Dream Key" ~ runic crystal energy talisman
Zoom "Dream Key" ~ runic crystal energy talisman
Zoom "Dream Key" ~ runic crystal energy talisman

"Dream Key" ~ runic crystal energy talisman


Shamanic talisman necklace with a brass skeleton key and three beechwood runes: Algiz (protection), Fehu (prosperity) and Wunjo (joy). One side of the necklace consists of a row of beads, alternating aged beechwood with Tiger Eye, and Hawk Eye beads. The other side of the talisman is braided with recycled sari silk combined with unbleached cotton yarn and brown micro-macrame cord for added strength. A rough cut Sapphire joins the necklace together just above the key. The three runes are combined with Tiger Eye, Hawk Eye and Dumortierite crystals.

Representing access to hidden knowledge and success, opening a door to a brighter future. Indicates freedom of movement, whether in or out, but also of obtaining liberation from something. Skeleton keys specifically are about unlocking multiple locks, symbolising the keeper’s ability to make their most heart-felt dreams come true in any area. Stands for spotting opportunities, possibilities and solutions. Of course, also a powerful a symbol of love, as in having access to someone’s heart.

The necklace is set length and long enough to just slip over the head without any need for a clasp. The all-around length of the necklace is 75 cm (29.5"). The brass key is 6 cm (2.4") tall. The wooden runes are just under 2 cm (0.8") tall each.

You'll receive this crystal healing necklace in one of Spirit Carrier's fabric draw-string pouches, great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

Read here how to take care of your crystal jewellery.


A stone of psychic activation, enhances insight and focus. Helps the throat and third eye chakras to work in unison to strengthen and express one's inner vision. Grounds higher knowledge and helps one to stay centred. Evokes the wisdom needed to see past any situation into the underlying truth. Helpful in channeling healing energy from the highest source, facilitating access to deeper levels of consciousness.

Powerful stone to connect with one’s personal strength. Excellent for attracting prosperity. Highly spiritual energy, useful in understanding any life cycle that one is living through. Helps in seeing through illusions and discerning the truth in any situation. A highly protective stone. Good for strengthening one’s boundaries and developing will power and courage.

Elevates one's perception to see things from a higher perspective, thus aiding in making skilled decisions. Brings clarity, opens up inner guidance and new possibilities. Helps in building courage to trust one's own inner wisdom and intuition. Assists in visualising goals, both spiritual and material and to follow through in bringing them into existence.

Stone of support and inner harmony. Offers soothing vibrations that encourage patience with the natural order of the Universe. Aids one's mental capabilities in overcoming tough situations. Regulates the third eye chakra. Acts as a protective shield against fear. Stabilising for relationships, also said to attract a soulmate.

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