Zoom Energy healing set for anxiety relief
Zoom Energy healing set for anxiety relief

Energy healing set for anxiety relief

Two crystals, a Fairy Stone and Golden Calcite, nesting safely in a white Abalone Shell. The two crystals come in a small silk pouch so you can carry them with you, in your purse or your pocket. When needed, hold the Fairy Stone and trace its contours with your finger for tactile reassurance. Hold the Golden Calcite to squeeze it either with your fingers or in the palm of your hand. Tight squeezing will activate its piezoelectric qualities. Notice how the crystal warms up in your hand and allow the feeling to connect you to your inner strength. When you return home, place the crystal pair back into the safe haven of the Abalone Shell until you need them again.

Abalone Shell, at widest 7.5 cm (3")
Fairy Stone, largest measurement approx. 4 cm (1.6")
Golden Calcite, at largest 2 cm (8.0")

This set comes in a linen draw-string pouch, with a separate silk pouch for the two stones. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge, and securely padded for its postal journey.


Soothing and calming. Eases fears, including the fear of death. Empowers connection to your inner strength whenever faced with challenging times. Creates a nurturing and secure place in the midst of busy environments. Encourages you to get things done. Helps in overcoming the ‘fight or flight’ response so you can practise reacting from a safe and protected space. Aids in seeing existing problems in a fresh new way. Adds harmony and balance to ones living environment.

Excellent aid for increasing feelings of self-worth, self-acceptance and confidence. Draws in high spiritual frequencies. Eases transitions and assists in overcoming obstacles. Helps in releasing limiting beliefs and strengthens your will. Empowers you to act with courage. Assists you in accepting your personal strengths so you can use your talents with joy for the greater good and creating a brighter future.

Associated with peace, beauty, compassion and love. Instills feelings of harmony and balance. Stimulates intuition and encourages the use of imagination. Said to be a perfect gift for those who have been tossed and turned by life, to be a reminder that one's inner beauty will always shine through.


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