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Fairy Quartz crystal healing amulet


Crystal healing amulet with a long Fairy Quartz point. Fairy Quartz is a type of Spirit Quartz, covered in tiny crystal points and with an ancient 'Old Soul' feel. This unique specimen displays subtle reddish tones in its crystalline structure. The necklace is intricately knotted in lace-like pattern with light grey micro-macrame cord, highlighted with Rubellite, Ruby and Peace Jade crystals - creating a solemn, feminine presence. 

The length of the necklace is adjustable from very short down to just above solar plexus level. This long Fairy Quartz point is just under 8 cm (3") tall and 2 cm (0.8") at its widest.

There are no metals in this necklace so would be particularly suitable for those with metal sensitivities, energy workers and those who simply prefer not to wear metal.

You'll receive this crystal healing necklace in one of my fabric draw-string pouches, great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

Read here how to take care of your crystal jewellery.


Deeply soothing energy that alleviates stress and emotional pain. Excellent for meditation, bringing a sense of calm and peace to its keeper's energy field. Promotes a more carefree attitude to life and uplifts mood. Supportive to any healing process, revitalising energy levels. Stone of unity and regeneration.

RUBELLITE (aka Pink Tourmaline)
Considered a rare, valuable crystal, Rubellite (pink Tourmaline) stimulates the heart chakra and life-force energy. A stone of quiet authority, instilling peaceful vibes in the midst of disputes. Harmonises one's feminine energies and has a nurturing energy. Helps in overcoming fears of lack and supports those who might not feel like belonging in this world to find joy of life.

Increases vitality and one's life-force energy, Very energising, excellent for women. Promotes clear mind, motivation and concentration. Associated with love, passionate commitment and heart-based closeness, offering help in shedding past hurts. Encourages you to 'follow your bliss' and have courageous attitude. Supports closeness and commitment. Shielding crystal to keep your energy field in your own command. (Ruby is one of the four ‘precious’ gemstones, the other three being Emerald, Sapphire & Diamond. Other gemstones are considered ‘semi-precious’.)

Pure, intensely peaceful vibe which can be easily felt when just holding this stone. Releases internalised stress, allowing you feel serene and in alignment with your core self. Calming when feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Guides you to take that “deep breath” of release to let go of tension and worry. Compassionate heart chakra stone that fills you with divine tranquility.

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