Zoom Five Stone talisman with Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Amber, Sapphire & Gold Rutile Quartz
Zoom Five Stone talisman with Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Amber, Sapphire & Gold Rutile Quartz
Zoom Five Stone talisman with Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Amber, Sapphire & Gold Rutile Quartz

Five Stone talisman with Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Amber, Sapphire & Gold Rutile Quartz


Crystal healing necklace with a combination of five stones: Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Amber, Sapphire and Gold Rutile Quartz. I have selected all five carefully, for them to combine harmoniously as individual stones within this grouping. These five work gently yet powerfully together, and while wearing this pendant, you may like to occasionally hold the crystals in the palm of your hand to clearly feel the connection. You can also connect to the energy of each separately by holding and focusing on just one at any given moment. The necklace is minimally braided with forest green micro-macrame cord, very strong and durable, yet soft and comfortable to wear. The highlighting crystals are Gold Rutile Quartz and Amber.

The length of the necklace is adjustable from very short down to solar plexus level. The crystal strands dangle down approx. 5 cm (2") and each crystal is 1.5 - 2 cm (0.6"-0.8") in its largest dimension.

There are no metals in this necklace so would be particularly suitable for those who have metal sensitivities, energy workers and those who simply prefer not to wear metal.

You'll receive this crystal healing necklace in one of Spirit Carrier's fabric draw-string pouches, great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

Read here how to take care of your crystal jewellery.


Stone of Love. Opening and nurturing to the heart chakra. Benefits heart-based intuition. Promotes joyous emotions, enhances emotional and spiritual balance. Restores confidence where needed. Brings visionary insight, especially relating to one's vocation. In crystal lore, Emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It was the symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt. Also known as a great aid for manifesting prosperity.

One of the most well-known protective stones, shielding its user from negativity. A shamanic stone used for grounding during vision quests. Empowering for those who work in challenging environments. Purifies and transforms denser energies into lighter vibrations and is also detoxifying for the body. If you're sensitive to electromagnetic smog, you may get relief by wearing black Tourmaline.

Amber is like sunshine solidified, offering a wonderful sense of health and wellbeing. Transmutes negative energies into positive, excellent for psychic protection. Cheers you up and helps you take action to make your ideas reality - ideal manifestation aid. Cleansing effect on the body, mind and spirit, promoting self-confidence and creative self-expression. Encourages spontaneity, patience and inner wisdom.

A stone of psychic activation, enhances insight and focus. Revered through ages as bringing good fortune and spiritual insight. Highly protective. Grounds higher knowledge and helps one to stay centred. Evokes the wisdom needed to see past any situation into its underlying truth. Helpful in channeling healing energy from the highest source, facilitating access to deeper levels of consciousness and freeing it’s wearer from mind-made fears. Increases learning ability. Attracts prosperity.

A master assistant in self-discovery, a companion in finding one's inner truth, purpose and destiny. Joyful and energising. Thought to offer protection against psychic attacks and helps in opening up to one’s Divine strength. Assists in activating one’s creativity and manifesting dreams into reality.

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