Zoom 'Flow' talisman necklace ~ pewter with Rose Quartz & Unakite
Zoom 'Flow' talisman necklace ~ pewter with Rose Quartz & Unakite

'Flow' talisman necklace ~ pewter with Rose Quartz & Unakite


Spirit Carrier's 'Flow' talisman combining lead-free pewter with Rose Quartz, Unakite and Lepidochrosite in Quartz. Knotted and braided with light beige micro-macrame cords, strong and durable yet soft and comfortable to wear. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, created through an organic, intuitive process where the end result of the pewter's flow can not be predetermined. So you end up with something truly different, surprising and unique. Revelling in the uncertainty of destined marvel, whichever shape and form it takes. Luck plays its huge part in this process - you are holding a piece of solidified luck.

Approx. size of the pewter piece in this 'Flow' pendant: 
4.5 cm (1.8") tall / 2 cm (0.8") at its widest

You can read more about the Flow Collection in a blog post here.

Associated with the planet Jupiter, the history of tin (pewter) goes back hundreds of years. Alchemy is fundamentally concerned with the transformation of base materials into higher states of being. Tin, as an alchemical metal, embodies the process of transmutation and the potential for personal transformation and growth. Jupiter is linked to expansion, growth, and prosperity. It represents the idea of abundance, benevolent power, and the capacity for positive change, as well as broadened perspective and a deeper understanding of life's mysteries.

Jupiter is a planet of luck. The sense of being lucky fosters feelings of joy and hopefulness. All of this I wish for you. I’m pouring the wishes and manifestations of expansive luck from all corners of the universe and beyond into these pewter pendants, each unique and one-of-a-kind because life always creates itself anew.

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