Zoom 'Healer's Strength' ~ crystal grid set

'Healer's Strength' ~ crystal grid set


Crystal grid set with 19 crystals in a leather drawstring pouch, comes with Spirit Carrier's 'Flower of Life' sacred geometry base. You can use the photo here as a guide how to set the crystals on the grid when you receive it, or you may choose to change the positions according to your own intuitive guidance - as well as substituting some with crystals from your own collection.

The crystals in this grid (pictured) that you receive, are not programmed as such by me or set with any specific intentions. However, they are selected and chosen specifically with an intention of focusing on self-care for those who work in the field of energy healing: to cleanse and purify, to increase vitality and provide a sense of harmony and balance in your life. The crystals are cleansed and energised with the methods I use for the crystals that I send on from my studio, and they're empowered to purely embody their own full potential and crystal soul essence. Please read the individual crystal properties associated with the nine different types of crystals in this grid and when you set up the grid, do so with a clear intention for you wishes of self-healing and harmony in your own life. Once your grid is set in your chosen calm place, focus on your intention. If you have adopted your own methods for activating a crystal grid, do what feels natural to you. If you're new to crystal grids, there's no complexity needed. Simply hold your focus, state your intention clearly and feel a heart connection with the grid. You may use your hand/fingers to touch the centre stone (and the others) if this helps your focus. You will feel a flow of energy and learn to notice whether through a physical sensation in your body or a general feeling within when the grid resonates as complete and you can allow it to be.

Most of all relax, follow your own intuition and enjoy!

Crystals included for this grid (19):

1x Infinite Stone
4x Emerald
2x Epidote
2x Pietersite
2x Blue John Fluorite
2x Hiddenite
2x Peacock Ore
2x Aquamarine
4x Sichuan Quartz

You'll receive the above crystals in a handmade drawstring leather pouch, and of course with the pictured 'Flower of Life' grid base. If you'd rather have a fabric pouch, please let me know at the time of purchase.

NEW: Spirit Carrier's upgraded crystal grid bases have arrived! They're thicker, with white crystalline background and a lovely 'velvety feel' surface - I'll send you one of these new bases too with this grid set so you can choose which of the two bases you want to build your grid on.


Stone of angelic energy, often referred to as ‘Healer’s Stone’. Soothing for pain on all levels, emitting a sense of serene inner peace. Heals energy leaks in one’s etheric field and creates a sense of alignment through all chakras. Assists in raising one’s vibration to higher levels.

Stone of unconditional, divine love. Brings teachings of joy, spontaneity, compassion and gratitude. Helps in extending your loving acceptance to the deepest parts of your own being so you become aware of your own value in the universe. Assists in improving personal relationships, and is also an excellent stone for manifestation, helping the Solar Plexus and the Heart chakra work in unison.

Stone of joyfulness that ignites a state of balance and a feeling of "all is well". Provides protection from outside negativity, inspiring hope, lifting one's mood and casting out what no longer serves you. Uplifting when feeling low of energy. One of the most powerful healing stones that aligns all the chakras - even when applied on one chakra, affecting the others too. Removes emotional blockages, enhancing the flow of life force throughout the body.

Stone of Love. Opening and nurturing to the heart chakra. Benefits heart-based intuition. Promotes joyous emotions, enhances emotional and spiritual balance. Restores confidence where needed. Brings visionary insight, especially relating to one's vocation. In crystal lore, Emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It was the symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt. Also known as a great aid for manifesting prosperity. (Emerald is one of the four ‘precious’ gemstones, the other three being Ruby, Sapphire & Diamond. Other gemstones are considered ‘semi-precious’.)

Encourages you to approach life with a positive outlook, clearing emotional residue and confusion from the heart chakra. Good for feeling grounded and connected to nature even in a city environment. Aids clear thinking and connecting to your own power. Considered a magnet for prosperity and abundance for those who are generous at heart.

PIETERSITE (aka Tempest Stone)
Fosters calm and joyous peacefulness. Enhances intuition and insight. Aids in the acceptance and tolerance of others and life. Dispels illusions and aids one seeing the beauty within. High vibration stone used by many energy healers.

Connected with the throat chakra, easing verbal self-expression. Helps you communicate your own truth and find your voice. Helps in looking at emotional situations from other perspectives, assists in opening up intuition and to calmly be in the flow of life. Aquamarine also aids in reaching deep meditative states. Resonates with the energy of the ocean. Stone of courage and protection.

Called the 'Enigma Stone', a never ending source and keeper of wisdom, knowledge and solutions. Brings a deep sense of peace and clarity of mind. Useful for those seeking to balance the dualities of the dimension we live in. Encourages its keeper to be their own most trusted teacher. A great aid for sensitives who tend to take in or react to surrounding energies too much. Stone of renewal and vitality. Connects the crown, the third eye and the solar plexus chakras in a balanced way, thus aligning your highest destiny and intuition with your ability to manifest the best possible outcomes.

Spiritually attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, activating the crown and the third eye chakras. Aligns all the energy bodies, bringing forth a meditative state, peace and present moment awareness. Expands your consciousness and opens up psychic channels. Releases old, stagnant emotions, cleanses one’s auric field and releases negative thoughts. Emanates a strong “OM” vibration. Can be used to intensify attunements, find out about soul lessons and to bring deep healing for all levels of being. Double-terminated Sichuan Quartz brings powerful spiritual protection and purification.


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