Zoom 'Life Path' ~ crystal grid set

'Life Path' ~ crystal grid set


One-of-a-kind crystal grid set with 13 crystals in a leather drawstring pouch, comes with Spirit Carrier's 'Flower of Life' sacred geometry base. You can use the photo here as a guide how to set the crystals on the grid when you receive it, or you may choose to change the positions according to your own intuitive guidance - as well as substituting some with crystals from your own collection.

The crystals in this grid (pictured) that you receive, are not programmed as such by me or set with any specific intentions. However, they are selected and chosen specifically with an intention of aligning your life with your original purpose, to manifest opportunities in your life that guide you towards a deeply felt fulfilment and increased happiness for both yourself and everyone around you - whatever form this may take for you personally. The crystals are cleansed and energised with the methods I use for the crystals that I send on from my studio, and they're empowered to purely embody their own full potential and crystal soul essence. Please read the individual crystal properties associated with the six types of crystals in this grid and when you set up the grid, do so with a clear intention - either for your formulated wishes about the direction of your own life or leave your wish positively open to invite any miraculous joyful events and people into your life that your current daily mind might not even be able to imagine fully yet. Once your grid is set in your chosen calm place, focus on your intention. If you have adopted your own methods for activating a crystal grid, do what feels natural to you. If you're new to crystal grids, there's no complexity needed. Simply hold your focus, state your intention clearly and feel a heart connection with the grid. You may use your hand/fingers to touch the centre stone (and the others) if this helps your focus. You will feel a flow of energy and will learn to notice whether through a physical sensation in your body or a general shift in emotions within when the grid resonates as complete and you can allow it to be.

Most of all relax, follow your own intuition and enjoy!

Crystals included for this grid (13):

1x Snakeskin Agate
1x ***rare*** Seriphos Green Quartz point
2x Amphibole Quartz (white inclusions)
2x Shaman Dream Stone Quartz
1x Lemurian Seed Quartz point
6x double-terminated Sichuan Quartz

You'll receive the above crystals in a handmade drawstring leather pouch. and of course with the pictured 'Flower of Life' grid base. (If you'd rather have a fabric pouch, please let me know at the time of purchase.)


Stone of strength and inner peace. Increasing one’s love of life, vitality and sense of purpose. Reduces the tendency to worry. Known as a support stone for initiating the rise of kundalini, one’s life force energy. In folklore, said to help find lost things and to help its keeper blend into the crowd and appear invisible when needed.

Nurturing stone with a strong heart connection, helping you to be more loving towards yourself and others. Allows pure healing energy to be directed to where needed. Resonates with the notion of paradise on earth, encouraging you to enjoy everything that life has to offer. Powerful crystal for psychic insights and for creating prosperity as well as directing you in attaining vibrant good health.

SHAMAN DREAM STONE (aka Lodolite, Garden Quartz)
Associated with the crown chakra, enhances one's sensitivity to invisible energies, helps in manifesting one's desires, brings harmony to one's aura, emanates strong yet gentle healing energies. Harmonises the higher vibrational energies of the aura and the light body. Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness.

Spiritually attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, activating the crown and the third eye chakras. Aligns all the energy bodies, bringing forth a meditative state, peace and present moment awareness. Expands your consciousness and opens up psychic channels. Releases old, stagnant emotions, cleanses one’s auric field and releases negative thoughts. Emanates a strong “OM” vibration. Can be used to intensify attunements, find out about soul lessons and to bring deep healing for all levels of being. Double-terminated Sichuan Quartz brings powerful spiritual protection and purification.

Helps in retrieving ancient knowledge and wisdom to create spiritual healing in one's life. Activates its keeper's intuitive energy. Assists in resolving complex issues, often bringing "instant knowing". A wise teacher crystal with feminine energy, for those committed to their spiritual path.

AMPHIBOLE QUARTZ (aka Angel Phantom Quartz)
Stone of calm, loving energy, expanding consciousness and bringing insights from one’s higher self. Connects to the third eye and crown chakras for increased inner guidance. Offering also psychic protection, and whilst a peaceful crystal, maintains vitality and physical energy.


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