Zoom Mala anklet with Hawk Eye, Bronzite & Almandine Garnet ~ for up to 9" ankle

Mala anklet with Hawk Eye, Bronzite & Almandine Garnet ~ for up to 9" ankle


Mala anklet with 18 Hawk Eye counter beads with a divider of rough Almandine Garnet and small Bronzite crystals. The two toggle stones are Almandine Garnet and Bronzite. The counter beads are knotted individually for strength and flexibility, using black micro-macrame cord.

This unusual anklet would be a perfect accessory for a yoga enthusiast. Longer than a mala bracelet, this meditation aid adorns your ankle as jewellery when not in use, but can be then be handled as prayer beads when needed. You can count up to 108 with these anklet beads - or in multiples of 27 if you prefer. Simply count back and forth over the divider as many rounds as needed. Use the toggle crystals as the guru bead.

Whilst the total length of this anklet, including the toggle, is 26 cm (10") this would make a good fit for up to a 9" ankle circumference, or smaller. The counter bead diameter is 1 cm (0.4").

This mala comes in one of my handmade soft leather pouches for safe-keeping. If you would rather have a fabric pouch, please let me know at the time of purchase.

Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

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Elevates one's perception to see things from a higher perspective, thus aiding in making skilled decisions. Brings clarity, opens up inner guidance and new possibilities. Helps in building courage to trust one's own inner wisdom and intuition. Assists in visualising goals, both spiritual and material and to follow through in bringing them into existence.

Encourages loving, non-judgemental mindset. Helps in gaining certainty about one's decisions and the right course of action. Bronzite is said to bring harmony into discordant situations, protective when the wearer might feel a lack of control. Instills a feeling of calmness when having "many irons in the fire". A stone of focused action. Instils a feeling of "all is well".

Stimulates one's life force. Opens the root chakra while drawing earth energy into the body, helping you to feel secure and centred. Awakens the "inner fire" of creativity. Highly protective stone and a great companion to keep you energised. Excellent good fortune and 'success' stone in both social and career ventures, adding positive vibes both in your personal or business life. Stone of purification and cleansing. Symbolises passionate, devoted love.

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