Zoom Moroccan Desert Sandstone
Zoom Moroccan Desert Sandstone

Moroccan Desert Sandstone

This enigmatic stone makes a unique connection with its chosen keeper. Earthy, with wonderful, sculptural texture - perhaps like a mystical key to unlock hidden inner secrets or a portal doorway to other dimensions... A pleasant stone to handle, and unique to meditate with and to delve into its energetic depths.

This stone is just over 11 cm (4.3") tall, 3 cm (1.2") at its widest and 1.5 cm (0.6") at its thickest.

You'll receive this shamanic stone securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey.


Ancient sand concretion stone, a powerful ally for shamanic journeying. Visionary stone that allows you to explore your ancestral timelines in all directions. Protective companion stone keeping you centred in the moment while bringing in wisdom from higher dimensions. Activates third eye and crown chakra, increasing the level of your intuition. Assists in overcoming subconscious fears and blockages on your life path. Awakens your inner courage to find a way in any situation.

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