Zoom Pair of Hearts ~ Mookaite & Botswana Agate
Zoom Pair of Hearts ~ Mookaite & Botswana Agate
Zoom Pair of Hearts ~ Mookaite & Botswana Agate

Pair of Hearts ~ Mookaite & Botswana Agate

Lovely pair of hearts, large and small, showing unique patterning that differs on both sides of the stones. A thoughtful gift for a crystal lover, or to bring some heart energy to your own living space. Tactile to hold, as well as to contemplate the natural patterns to take you deeper into meditation.

Mookaite heart 6 cm (2.4") measured horizontally at the widest point.
Agate heart - 2.5 cm (1") measured horizontally at the widest point.
Please see the photo where the tile rests on the lace glove for size reference

You'll receive this crystal treasure securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

*Ships from England, UK*


Brings balance and clarity, flexibility and openness. It provides strength in negative situations and assists in being kind to self. Heightens one's intuition in order to know which direction to take in any given situation. Helps you to stay in the Now moment. Highly supportive for one's energy field, offering subtle yet constant harmony. Mookaite is said to slow the ageing process and to give relief in areas of geopathic stress. It's also a great manifestation crystal.

Fosters acceptance of the past and helps one to move on. Helps in dispelling resentments and hurts, connecting with inner peace and serenity. Assists in understanding life’s lessons and to build courage to face whatever comes your way. Anchors inner stability amidst chaos. Enhances perception and focus, and being more proactive.

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