Zoom Pendulum with Biwa Pearl, Ruby, Rubellite and Lepidolite

Pendulum with Biwa Pearl, Ruby, Rubellite and Lepidolite


Unique and unusual crystal pendulum dowser combining three different crystal types with Biwa Pearl - a cairn of Biwa Pearl, Rubellite and Lepidolite as the swinging pendulum, and raw Ruby handle with Lepidolite accent. No other pendulum is identical to this. Perfect if you're looking for an original, personal pendulum to connect with your own energy for maximum results. 

The chain is solid, pure copper which is a great energy conductor. The chain is 15 cm (6") long.

This charming pendulum comes in a specially made cork drawstring pouch with Hemimorphite bead detail. When not in use, the pendulum can be stored in this pouch for safekeeping or when taking it along to places. This is a handy small size so that you can easily take it with you wherever you go. The pouch has a diameter of just under 6.5 cm cm (2.5") - measured when empty and closed.

You'll receive this crystal treasure gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


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