Zoom Ask a Question ~ 45 min. personal Zoom session

Ask a Question ~ 45 min. personal Zoom session


Would you like guidance from crystals, runes and oracle cards for a situation that requires more clarity? This is a life guidance session with the support of these trusted tools, aiming to connect you with your own inner knowing by offering new ways ways of approaching what you're asking about.

These readings are not predictive as such, because I strongly believe in your personal agency to affect your own future with your choices, actions and behaviours. But occasionally, a wider view and alternative perspectives can be welcome to provide possibilities to consider and test against your own discernment and self-trust.

The answers you'll receive from crystals, runes and cards in this session, will depend on the question you ask and the amount of context you'll provide me. I do not offer 'blind' readings as I do not pretend to be psychic. I interpret my tools in relation to your context.

So make sure you ask the question you want to ask, not a question that hides the one you'd rather ask if you weren't avoiding your own truth... 

At the end of the session, I will prepare a photograph of your reading layout and will then email it to you, so you can refer back to it, or even meditate on it further if you so wish.


A stable internet connection is needed, unless you request to have the reading as a written email.

The reading is scheduled for approx. 45 mins, but please allow a little extra time for yourself afterwards in case you want to write down any of the personal insights you receive during the reading.

After purchasing a reading through this listing, I will email you within 24 hrs so we can set up a suitable time to meet over Zoom.

If you have any questions, feel free to
send me a message.

These readings are not intended as any kind of therapy or treatment but are offered for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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