Zoom Quartz crystal pendulum with decorative carry case

Quartz crystal pendulum with decorative carry case


A rough-cut Quartz point pendulum with a silver-plated Lava Stone handle. When not in use, the pendulum can be stored in its decorative leather case, which is stitched by hand with light brown cord, decorated with map-like tool markings and matching crystal details. The closure flap slips under the knotted cord to keep the pouch close. The leather is vegetable tanned reindeer hide from Lapland. 

The chain is approx. 17 cm (7") long. The Quartz point is approx. 3.5 cm - 4 cm (1.4"-1.6") tall. The size of the small leather case, measured empty and closed, is 6 cm x 6.5 cm (2.4" x 2.6")

You'll receive this unique crystal pendulum gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

(If you would prefer a pendulum like this but in a vegan leather alternative cork fabric pouch, just send me a message.)


The universal master crystal that has a harmonising effect on all levels of being. Easily activated by intention, so can be used for versatile purposes. Quartz can clear, enhance, amplify, transmute, balance, focus and transmit energy. Raises one's energetic vibration. Brings clarity and filters out distractions. A deep soul cleanser, attuning its keeper to their higher self. Each Quartz crystal is unique with its own character and teachings it offers, all are known as “Stones of Power” and “Master Healers”.

Stone of vitality, assertiveness and passion. Provides stability in times of change. Grounding and protective. Supports courage and decisiveness. Helps in finding one's 'life path'. Encourages personal development and growth.

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