Zoom Quick Guide PDF to learning cartomancy for divination & personal discovery
Zoom Quick Guide PDF to learning cartomancy for divination & personal discovery

Quick Guide PDF to learning cartomancy for divination & personal discovery

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I have written this digital 15-page Quick Guide about hedgewytchery style cartomancy to give you a fast, simple and enjoyable start on learning about reading with playing cards. This guide gives you the required basics in a clear, structured way - like a short-cut to beginning to elicit meaningful answers without learning a myriad of "card meanings". My intention is for you to naturally absorb the way of thinking that I present in this Quick Guide, and most of all, to get the confidence to trust your own skill in making sense of what's right in front of you. 

Ideally you will read this guide in a relaxed manner, with curiosity, connecting the content with your own life experience. That way there is no "learning" involved, but by the end of reading this Quick Guide, you are excited and ready to test this way of reading for yourself! You can also print the file in case it's easier for you to use that way.

This cartomancy guide is decidedly concise, so you won't get overwhelmed - yet each page is packed with information in a way that if you apply it to your readings with simple practices, you'll notice how easy it can be - without studying and learning any set meanings! The focus and perspective of this basic guide is on connecting each card to your own logical observations and pattern recognition, so that you will develop flexibility of thinking and your own creative ways of linking cards in any given context.

There are also a few book suggestions for you to expand your knowledge after this Quick Guide, so check out this PDF to see if playing card cartomancy is for you. I would also guess that integrating the info from this Quick Guide, it will improve all your readings, whether you are used to tarot, oracles or runes.

Wishing you a joyful journey learning about playing card cartomancy!

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Note that if you purchase this Made-to-Order mini card deck necklace pouch, you will receive this PDF file as a free bonus.


This Quick Guide PDF is for your personal use only.

Please have integrity and respect my copyright.

May your own conscience forever bother you, should you share or distribute this digital course without explicit permission from me. I'm a very reasonable and kind person, so do get in contact if unsure. 

***Please note*** 
There are NO PHYSICAL CARDS INCLUDED in this listing. You can use any standard playing cards for the type of cartomancy presented in this Quick Guide.

Returns, exchanges or cancellations can not be accepted after you download the file as I'm sure you understand. Please get in contact if you have any problems with viewing the file.




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