Zoom RECORDING: Creativity Exploration Class ~ group session to follow along

RECORDING: Creativity Exploration Class ~ group session to follow along


This is a video recording of the 1-hour online workshop that was held Live on Zoom for a group of participants. You can watch this in your own time, but preferably do the exercises along with the recording at the relatively fast pace that I instruct: the speed is part of the experience so you relax into the process without the interference of your analytical mind.

I’m offering this group workshop for those of you who are interested in exploring and strengthening your creative flow, whether you’re already fully using your creative skills, want to bring some hidden ones to light - or just want to experience something different. This is not solely about artistic creativity, so anyone can benefit - you might be interested in learning to trust your creative flow more for the purpose of developing any aspect of your life. In this workshop I guide you through various warm-up exercises, leading to the main exercise of “drawing with your inner knowing" that I developed several years ago for the in-person creativity workshops I used to teach. The main exercise is followed by further imagination training, concluding in a guided imagery meditation mining for deeper insights about manifesting your ideal solution to an issue in your life.

Even if you didn't attend this workshop Live, the exercises taught on this recording are easy to follow and they teach you subliminally how to move effortlessly onward with creating solutions in your life. Enjoyable, intriguing and different!

Absolutely NO drawing skills are needed in this session (and even preferable if you can let go of the drawing skills you do have, just for the duration of this) but I ask you to bring the following along:
1) a pen, standard ballpoint/byro is ideal
2) three or four sheets of plain white paper
3) a surface on which to place the paper on when drawing
4) optional: a mug or a cup to draw a circle with - freehand is fine too, in the absence of a cup

Comments from the participants of the Live workshop:

"Wow fabulous"
"I love this activity xxx"
"So amazing! Love it!!"
"That's so cool Mia"
"de-lightfully clever!!"
"Very interesting process :)"
"How clever"
"simply fabulous MIA!!!!  xxx"
"fabulous - love it"

"that was fantastic! thx!"
"Wonderful, thank you so much Mia"
"I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of those exercises"

After purchasing this recording, you will receive an email within 24 hrs which includes details of how to access the recording. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

These sessions are not intended as any kind of therapy or treatment but are offered for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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