Zoom 'Rowan Magic' ~ crystal healing amulet
Zoom 'Rowan Magic' ~ crystal healing amulet

'Rowan Magic' ~ crystal healing amulet


With energy as palpable as a crystal, this smooth slice of Rowan tree is roughly circular as an organic branch would be. Combined with the crystal energy of Clear Quartz and Smokey Quartz in the intricate lace-like knotting, this unusual amulet can be quite an eye-catcher. The necklace is knotted with golden brown micro-macrame cord, and the ends of the adjustable cords are decorated with matching crystals.

The length of the necklace is adjustable by pulling the cords through a knotted channel. The adjustment range is from as short as you wish down to solar plexus level. The diameter of the Rowan disk is approx. 4.5-5 cm (1.8"-2") depending on the point of measure. 

There are no metals in this necklace so would be particularly suitable for those with metal sensitivities, energy workers and those who simply prefer not to wear metal.

You'll receive this crystal healing necklace in one of Spirit Carrier's fabric draw-string pouches, great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

ROWAN symbolises inspiration, courage and protection. Meditating with Rowan is said to open up channels of inspiration, clear the mind, widen one's perspective and provide access into the hidden mysteries of nature. Rowan encourages to respond to one's soul's calling, to step from the known into the unknown with courage and trusting heart. Sacred to Druids, Rowan was seen as a portal of transformation, so would be a great companion for a new phase of life. In Norse mythology, Rowan tree is told to have saved Thor from a river current by bending over for him to grab so he'd not be swept into the underworld.

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The universal master crystal that has a harmonising effect on all levels of being. Easily activated by intention, so can be used for versatile purposes. Quartz can clear, enhance, amplify, transmute, balance, focus and transmit energy. Raises one's energetic vibration. Brings clarity and filters out distractions. A deep soul cleanser, attuning its keeper to their higher self. Each Quartz crystal is unique with its own character and teachings it offers, all are known as “Stones of Power” and “Master Healers”.

A grounding and calming stone that elevates moods and dissipates negative emotions. "A Stone of Serenity", it is comforting and protective for one's aura. Smokey Quartz is thought to assist in creative endeavours and also in setting personal boundaries. Offers protection against electromagnetic rays. A good healing stone for improving general feeling of well-being. Relieves anxiety and worry, wards off confusion. Shielding crystal to create a calm, safe environment.

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