Zoom Shungite tile ~ cleanser / charger plate

Shungite tile ~ cleanser / charger plate

Excellent for easy cleansing and charging of other crystals. Or you can leave your Spirit Carrier amulet on this Shungite surface overnight which is a simple way of keeping your wearable crystal in good energetic state.

Size: 8 x 8 cm in diameter (3" x 3") - please see the photo where the tile rests on a lace glove for size reference.

Please note: the underside of this tile is un-coated which means that some black soot-like powder may transfer from the stone for a while which is the nature of un-coated Shungite. You can easily wash it from your hands (Shungite is also a water purifier!) but just beware of placing it on any white table cloth.

*Ships from England, UK*


Protector and purifier. Reveals truths in one's life and initiates meaningful changes for the highest good, even if the process isn’t always comfortable. Excellent stone to protect from electromagnetic radiation across large frequency range as well as from geopathic stress. Connecting to the cosmic flow, directs one to reach one’s full potential in life, assisting in staying focused and centered, following one’s true path. Can be used to help access ancient memories and soul wisdom.

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