Zoom Small leather pouch necklace with crystal detailing
Zoom Small leather pouch necklace with crystal detailing
Zoom Small leather pouch necklace with crystal detailing
Zoom Small leather pouch necklace with crystal detailing

Small leather pouch necklace with crystal detailing


Tribal style wearable Wisdom Keeper necklace pouch in subtle neutral tones - a contemporary take on the native shaman 'medicine bags'. I have decorated  the pale leather by embossing it with a floral brass tool, traditionally used in fine bookbinding work. The inside of the pouch is not lined but left as natural suede. This pouch would be suitable for carrying a small crystal or two, or a folded piece of paper with written affirmations, or any small talismanic items. The shape of this pouch is close to triangle with a drawstring closure. The pouch opens by pulling the knotted sliding channel outwards and closes by pushing it tighter.

The inner area in which to store a tiny treasure is approx. 3 x 3 cm (1.2" x 1.2")

The outer measurements of the pouch are: top edge of the pouch when closed approx. 6 cm (2.4") tall and 4.5 cm (1.8") tall from top edge to base of the leather. The crystal detailing extends down another 3.5 cm (1.4") from the base of the leather. The necklace braid is adjustable from very short down to solar plexus area.

You'll receive this one-of-a-kind Wisdom Keeper necklace pouch gift-wrapped for no extra charge.


PIETERSITE (aka Tempest Stone)
Fosters calm and joyous peacefulness. Enhances intuition and insight. Aids in the acceptance and tolerance of others and life. Dispels illusions and aids one seeing the beauty within. High vibration stone used by many energy healers.

The oldest good luck amulet. In ancient times Persian magicians were, according to legend, diverting storms with the powers of Agate. Considered a protective stone (especially for travel), said to shield its keeper against dangers. Increases inner stability, enhances personal courage and fosters self-confidence. Grounding and soothing. Balancing stone for one's energy system to experience oneness instead of duality.

A grounding and calming stone that elevates moods and dissipates negative emotions. "A Stone of Serenity", it is comforting and protective for one's aura. Smokey Quartz is thought to assist in creative endeavours and also in setting personal boundaries. Offers protection against electromagnetic rays. A good healing stone for improving general feeling of well-being. Relieves anxiety and worry, wards off confusion. Shielding crystal to create a calm, safe environment.

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