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Completely unique, light-weight, warm brown leather bag with shoulder strap. Inspired by native tribal style and ancient shamans' medicine pouches, complete with intricate bead details (wood and gemstones). The freeform decorative floral embossing on the leather is traditionally found on the covers of finely bound antiquarian books. Measured as a sleeve for carrying the larger style iPad, but this leather bag can also be used for carrying a diary, journal or a sketch book...

Supple and strong, yet comfortably light, this 'Wisdom Keeper' is made from high quality vegetable tanned African goat hide. It is the finest traditional, museum standard bookbinding leather, frequently covering the most valuable volumes of literary works in discerning book collections. Therefore, a stylish covering with an ancient feel for such a modern book-like device as iPad... or perhaps for the safe-keeping of a traditional sketchbook.

The pouch is carefully cut, folded, pierced and stitched by hand - one single stitch at a time - with strong waxed thread, and the bottom corners of the pouch are reinforced. The pouch is unlined, showing its natural soft suede inner, and has a long shoulder strap (also reinforced) that keeps the bag hanging a bit lower than hip level. It has no closure but a large frontal leather flap that rests over the pouch opening - the curved edge of the flap is the natural edge of the hide, finished with an eye-catching decorative detail consisting of Black Coral and Almandine Garnet. Hours of meticulous crafting and attention to detail hopefully makes this a treasured accessory for someone who's looking for a different, unusual take on an iPad case.

This is one-of-a-kind piece with unique detailing, any further pouches will never be exactly the same. Please expect and enjoy some natural surface markings on the leather which give this bag a natural, organic feel.

Inner size of the bag: 20 x 25 cm (7.8" x 9.8")

The length of the shoulder strap, hanging from the top middle of the strap down to the top edge of the pouch: 59 cm (23.5")
The width of the shoulder strap is approximately 2 cm (0.8").

This leather sleeve fits all versions of iPad. Whilst this bag is not designed for all the bulky items one might carry in a normal handbag, this one is a comfortable fit if you wanted to also slip in a mobile phone.

You'll receive this 'Wisdom Keeper' gift-wrapped for no extra charge.