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Unusual leather 'tool roll' for travel purposes - perfect size for you main three favourite essential oil bottles, crystals, or sound healing tools such as crystal tuning forks, or other small treasures.

The leather is black, high-quality soft reindeer hide from Lapland, and is stitched entirely by hand with strong black micro-macrame cord. The leather is decorated with a freeform embossing. The base of the tool roll is decorated with various small crystals, and the closing toggle stone in this tool roll is Silver Leaf Jasper. 

Each pocket is 5 cm (2") wide and when the cover flap is closed, the roll is 10 cm (4") in height. When the rolled close, the width is approx. 6.5 cm (2.5") and the braided black string goes around the roll twice. If you carry three bottles of essential oils, this pouch closes into a 'triangular' shape, secured neatly with the wrap-around cord (slip the toggle stone under the wrapped cord).

You'll receive this Wisdom Keeper gift-wrapped for no extra charge.

!!! Please note, the aromatherapy bottles in the photos are for illustration purposes only, and are not part of this sale.