Zoom Unique crystal pendulum with decorative carry case ~ Sichuan Quartz

Unique crystal pendulum with decorative carry case ~ Sichuan Quartz


A truly unique, one-of-a-kind crystal pendulum combining a double-terminated Sichuan Quartz, highlighted with Rubellite and Amethyst crystals, with a Black Tourmaline handle.

The chain is solid, pure copper which is a great energy conductor. The chain is 20 cm (7.9") long. The pendulum height is approx. 4.5 cm (1.8") of which the Sichuan Quartz DT-point is approx. 2.5 cm (1"). The size of the leather case is 5 x 4 cm (2" x 1.6")

When not in use, the pendulum can be stored in its decorative black leather case, stitched by hand with pink thread, decorated with faint floral embossing and with matching crystal details. The closure is a a Rubellite toggle thought a knotted loop.

You'll receive this crystal pendulum gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


Spiritually attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, activating the crown and the third eye chakras. Aligns all the energy bodies, bringing forth a meditative state, peace and present moment awareness. Expands your consciousness and opens up psychic channels. Releases old, stagnant emotions, cleanses one’s auric field and releases negative thoughts. Emanates a strong “OM” vibration. Can be used to intensify attainments, find out about karmic lessons and to bring deep healing for all levels of being. Double-terminated Sichuan Quartz brings powerful spiritual protection and purification.

RUBELLITE (aka Pink Tourmaline)
Considered a rare, valuable crystal, Rubellite (pink Tourmaline) stimulates the heart chakra and life-force energy. A stone of quiet authority, instilling peaceful vibes in the midst of disputes. Harmonises one's feminine energies and has a nurturing energy. Helps in overcoming fears of lack and supports those who might not feel like belonging in this world to find joy of life.

Instils inner peace, promotes self-discovery and aids in relaxation. Associated with the crown chakra, known as a "stone of balance" and positive transformation. Thought to increase spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, initiating higher knowing and greater understanding. Helps in assimilating new ideas and manifesting thoughts into action. Symbolises a connection to the Divine. A well-known support stone for those wanting to break old patterns to create a new, harmonious life.

One of the most well-known protective stones, shielding its user from negativity. A shamanic stone used for grounding during vision quests. Empowering for those who work in challenging environments. Purifies and transforms denser energies into lighter vibrations and is also detoxifying for the body. If you're sensitive to electromagnetic smog, you may get relief by wearing black Tourmaline.


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