Zoom 'Veiled Key' ~ shamanic talisman
Zoom 'Veiled Key' ~ shamanic talisman
Zoom 'Veiled Key' ~ shamanic talisman
Zoom 'Veiled Key' ~ shamanic talisman

'Veiled Key' ~ shamanic talisman


Shamanic style talisman necklace combining a driftwood piece with burnt symbol markings, raw Amber and Red Jasper crystals. The necklace is minimally braided with brown and black micro-macrame cord, including a small decorative cluster of crystals on one side of the necklace braid. The ends of the necklace braids are highlighted with matching crystals.

The driftwood includes three hand-drawn symbol markings:
In the front: shaman with antlers with a spiral as its body, representing the connection with the divine and the cycle of life.
At the back: bindrune combining Fehu and Algiz runes, for prosperity and protection, below the bindrune is a shamanic sun motif for rejuvenation and healing.

The necklace is adjustable from as short as you wish down to solar plexus level. The driftwood piece is 5 cm (2") tall. The width of the circular Red Jasper motif is 2.5 cm (1").

You'll receive this talisman necklace in one of Spirit Carrier's fabric draw-string pouches, great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

Read here how to take care of your crystal jewellery.

*Ships from Spirit Carrier's small artisan studio in England, UK*


Stone of vibrancy and endurance. Historically a talisman for warriors, bringing courage and strength, guarding against dangers. Stimulates life force, increases stamina and determination. Rejuvenating, restoring stability in the energy body. Clear the mind in meditation and is spiritually grounding. Good stone to combat electromagnetic stress and fatigue. Increases passion for one’s creative endeavours, bringing focus and self-mastery.

Amber is like sunshine solidified, offering a wonderful sense of health and wellbeing. Transmutes negative energies into positive, excellent for psychic protection. Cheers you up and helps you take action to make your ideas reality - ideal manifestation aid. Cleansing effect on the body, mind and spirit, promoting self-confidence and creative self-expression. Encourages spontaneity, patience and inner wisdom.

Harmonious, protective stone. Considered a good amulet for times of travel (whether physical or astral). Instils a feeling of wholeness and serenity, a sense that all is well. Great support for one's will power and personal courage. Healing effect on emotional tension. Has been called a "stone of natural wisdom", awakening one's sense of joy in life.

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