Celebrating Brooke & Justin

Never before have I been this excited about writing a blog post! Look at the photo above, a glorious wedding in Hawaii - I think this will always be one of those images for me that when I look at it, brings instant happiness, a feeling of serene joy. And would you believe, I've never met this couple in person. Yet I feel like this stunningly beautiful bride, Brooke, is one of my long time dear friends. This is what crystals do!
I'll backtrack to the beginning...

Some years ago, before I had an independent website, I started selling my crystal healing jewellery on Etsy. Brooke was one of my first customers at the time, and after her first purchase, through some synchronities a certain Gold Rutile Quartz crystal that was meant to connect with her happened to travel through my studio -  and was united with her. Crystals have connected me with many lovely people the world over, and so too, we've exchanged many emails with Brooke over the past years. I've made some custom pieces for her which has been very meaningful since we've always been on such a similar wave length about crystal energy. Knowing her energy signature from our communications has allowed me to choose the exactly right crystals for her. The bracelets and the anklet in the below photos came about from such exchanges, now quite a few years back, so it's amazing to see them here, still being cherished by her on this special day. It's always wonderful for me to see how crystal amulets take on a life of their own in connection with their owner!

Towards the end of last year, one of my shop updates included an amulet with Angel Wing Selenite as the focal stone, braided in white silk and cotton. Strangely a thought crossed my mind at some point in the making process that "this amulet really reminds me of Brooke for some reason..." and lo and behold, I was soon addressing a package to her! At this point I didn't yet realise that something would also be arriving for me in the post very soon after... A wedding invite! Brooke and Justin would be getting married in Hawaii in a few months' time! Ooh, how I wanted to jump in the plane and see Brooke in person on their special day! Of course, being in the UK and with two little ones, it wasn't possible for me. But they had a wonderful idea for those who couldn't be present: I was able to watch the ceremony remotely online. In fact, these photos are all screen grabs from the beautiful video produced by Hawaii Video Memories, published here with Brooke's permission.

This radiant bride also chose Spirit Carrier earrings to match - I rarely make earrings, yet towards the end of the year became strongly inspired by the flow of white peacock's feathers... Inspiration indeed comes in many shapes and forms! That creative vision must have been clearly, uncannily connected to Brooke as she told me later she had just hoped the right earrings would appear in my shop. I just love synchronicity!

I've lost count of how many times I've watched the video compilation of their wedding day. It is unbelievably beautiful, their love, their connection, the atmosphere, it all comes to life perfectly - such a treasure for their offspring in later years too. I feel so blessed and it fills my heart with deep gratitude to have been able to follow Brooke's journey to this beautiful moment through the crystals that connect us. May they live happily and magically ever after!