Zoom 'Web of Wyrd' runic talisman with Elder Futhark
Zoom 'Web of Wyrd' runic talisman with Elder Futhark

'Web of Wyrd' runic talisman with Elder Futhark


Runic talisman with a pebble of Black Tourmaline and Norwegian Moonstones as a centre point from which the three rune aetts extend downwards as a tassel. The rune strands can be used as a divination tool on the go, or for meditation to invoke the energy of each rune as needed. Although there are 24 strands to incorporate the full Elder Futhark, this necklace is light in weight so it's comfortable to wear. The idea is that whilst the runes are knotted and arranged in order, the hanging strands create a different order as they weave around each other, like threads of fate - so at times you may notice runes join together from different aetts even.

The necklace is minimally knotted with grey micro-macrame cord. Small crystals of Jasper and Agate adorn the knotwork and the ends of the adjustable necklace cords as well. Each strand has a wooden disk with a rune carved and burnt on both sides. The runes at the end of each strand are highlighter with grey Agate and Black Line Jasper.

The necklace braid is adjustable from as short as you wish down to solar plexus level. The runic tassel is approx. 9 cm (3.5") tall. Each wooden rune disc has a diameter of just over 1 cm (0.4").

You'll receive this wearable runic divination tool in one of Spirit Carrier's handmade fabric draw-string pouches - great for the safe-keeping of the necklace. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

If you would like this PDF file 'mini course' about the Elder Futhark to help you make the most of your talisman, you are welcome to have it as a free bonus with this talisman - just leave a note at the order stage and you'll receive the download link within 48hrs.

Read here how to take care of your crystal jewellery.

*Ships from Spirit Carrier's small artisan studio in England, UK*


One of the most well-known protective stones, shielding its user from negativity. A shamanic stone used for grounding during vision quests. Empowering for those who work in challenging environments. Purifies and transforms denser energies into lighter vibrations and is also detoxifying for the body. If you're sensitive to electromagnetic smog, you may get relief by wearing black Tourmaline.

NORWEGIAN MOONSTONE (aka Black Labradorite, Larvikite)
Repels negative energy and can make you more adaptable to life's situations. It also stimulates inner visions so it's very suited to meditation. Black Labradorite is also said to connect with nature spirits. On physical level, it is said to be good for renewing and maintaining vitality and youthfulness.

Gently supportive stones, bringing tranquility and comfort. Stabilising for one's energy field, helping one to feel balanced. Nurturing stones that promote happiness and compassion. Great healing energy that eases stress, increases one's stamina and helps in adjusting to changes. Among the best all-round supportive healing stones to wear daily. Protective for astral travel. Inviting beauty and wholeness into one’s life.

The oldest good luck amulet. In ancient times Persian magicians were, according to legend, diverting storms with the powers of Agate. Considered a protective stone (especially for travel), said to shield its keeper against dangers. Increases inner stability, enhances personal courage and fosters self-confidence. Grounding and soothing. Balancing stone for one's energy system to experience oneness instead of duality.

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