Treasures galore

I've been frantically photographing today, hoping for the bright daylight to stay, to catch crystals in the most natural way. I'm aiming to have many new goodies in the shop soon. Having been in deep discussions with my most recent finds to find out which ones I'm allowed to keep and which might indicate their wish to be journeying on to find their new keepers... Such lovelies coming up! Menalite Goddess stones, Chrysanthemum stones, Moqui Marble, Smokey Quartz points (with glorious inner rainbows!), pop rock pairs and elixir bowls... The photographing and listing will continue for another day or two as it's very time-consuming. I'm also preparing the latest crystal amulets for the next shop update - hopefully all ready on Wednesday or Thursday!

The origin of that colour

Ever since I first saw one, the beauty grabbed me. I'm not usually drawn by the pretty colours of Aqua Aura Quartz for example and with any crystal, colour or not, prefer to tune in to the stone's essence itself rather than its physical appearance. (Why else would I have accumulated a vast collection of elestials, they're certainly not 'pretty' as such!) I'm also always vary of any treated stones and whether the iridescence in Pyrite Suns is created by the natural heat in their original environment or by artificially heating them to create the patina, it's not easy to distinguish. Yet... for an empath, whatever you tune in, you either pick up a resonant vibe or there isn't one. There are also many synthetic stones on the market these days and I've developed quite a skill in not only recognising their visual characteristics, but also 'feeling' them out. And testing with various methods later has confirmed my initial feeling over and over again. I don't dismiss my intuitions any longer. The world worked for years trying to make me do that but no amount of ridicule will manage to turn me away from my inner guidance any longer. The stones that I pick from amongst several, they're the ones that speak to me in an energetic sense, the ones that feel 'alive'. With iridescent Pyrite Suns, my search has been long and arduous, but the ones I now have in my collection, they have a 'feel' to them that's genuine. The environment affects them continuously too, something I've noticed with the flash of Labradorite and Spectrolite as well, also Flint. It's endlessly fascinating to see a stone 'live' like this, evolving in colour and pattern. These are a constant artistic inspiration to me, their colours and textures tell me their stories, sparking ever growing new creative paths to explore.


End of Summer Give-Away

Earlier today, after quite a peculiar dream at night, I felt there'd be someone out there who could really be cheered up by winning a Give-Away. Or perhaps I was in need of some cheering up. Either way, spreading some more crystal goodness out into the world is always good, so I set to work to see which crystals would like to come together for this gift... They ended up being Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Ruby. I always believe that crystals choose their keepers, so I will offer this crystal amulet out there to find its new keeper via a Give-Away. It will be published on Spirit Carrier Facebook page - all you need to do is to leave a short comment, even a little smiley will do, in the post where the above photo appears. That way I can assign you a unique number for the draw by replying to your comment. (If you're not on Facebook and would like to take part, just send me a message and I will assign you a number too.) I'll draw the winner with an online random number generator from all the entrant numbers on Thursday the 27th August, at midnight GMT (London) time. So just a quick four day Give-Away to get this crystal amulet to quickly find its new keeper!

EDIT: This has now closed and the winner has been notified.

And while I'm at it, I'll just let you know of another Give-Away coming up, something that's been in my mind all summer. There's a huge bunch of you good crystal folks who have signed up to receive my email newsletter. I wanted to thank you all specifically for being with me on this crystal journey, so what I'll do for the last four months of this year, I'll draw one name from among all of the subscribers each month and will send one of these to the winner of each month (September: Golden Optical Calcite, October: Amethyst tower, November: Quartz with Black Tourmaline, December: six double-terminated Sichuan Quartz crystals). So there will be altogether four draws. I'll announce the winner in the first newsletter of each month. There's nothing you need to do to take part, you'll be automatically entered as a subscriber to the Spirit Carrier newsletter!
(And if you're not yet on the mailing list, you're very welcome to join, and thus be entered in the draw too. Just scroll down the homepage, enter your email address and click SUBSCRIBE.)

Seaside studio

Just one more peek into my Soul scenery whilst I prepare to say my goodbyes to another summer and keep positive about the upcoming cold and rain... 

Took a few lovely crystals with me to be made wearable while meditating on the seaside rocks...

Work in progress...

Every year that I visit the cottage, I also take a few silks with me to dye with local windfall plants. Often in August there are already many dry, fallen rhubarb leaves that give a glorious yellow colour.

Crystals seem to love the fresh island air...

And the final goodbye snap, a shadow selfie... Until next year.


Those evening colours

Each evening different. Vastly so... gentle colours, bright colours, soft shapes, intricate shapes... The annual visit to my home scenery in the archipelago of Western Finland is characterised by the glorious sunsets we get to enjoy every time. The weather was on our side this summer too, after all the cold spells earlier. Our human 'batteries' are fully re-charged again!

Under the brolly

Rainy evening in Cave Dale, but nevertheless a lovely evening walk in the scenery of Peveril Castle with some friends who are soon moving back to Finland. Getting soaked in good company doesn't matter! Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn seems to always be our pub of choice - such a warm, welcoming atmosphere. As this also happened to be the last day of the school year, it means the studio work will now be slowing down somewhat until September. More lovely walks around the Peak District with the kids!



At a local market last weekend, I came across a stand selling crystals... and like a magnet, of course it drew me closer. Instant love at first sight - this one was labeled as 'Rose Quartz' (albeit 'unusual' Rose Quartz) but I had my doubts, even with the 'unusual' bit... Obviously, couldn't leave it there. Got home and had it confirmed... Yes, I have just been chosen by Pink Fluorite. (And if you're from Britain, you know what I mean when I say "I'm chuffed to bits!!!") Just such an incredibly amazing heart vibe it's untrue, I have to make an effort to put this one down and resume my day, otherwise I'd just keep on floating in Pink Fluorite bliss!

Goodness of Summer

If only the glorious fragrance of this rose would float through from the photograph... Feels like the summer hasn't even properly started yet, but the flowers are little by little leaving already. A brief visitation of colour, now we'll follow the progress of the apples...

A cloud message

Cloud, as photographed by our littlest one.
Then I of course had to photograph him photographing the cloud...

When not in the studio...

...then the best place to be is out in the nature!

Stones and rocks, stones and rocks...
My kind of place.

Exploring Amethyst

Needless to say, over the years I've worked a lot with the energy of Amethyst. Often with raw, natural clusters, points and geodes, but also with polished spheres. Meditating with Amethyst is always a joy, I'm particularly drawn to elestial Amethysts. I've also been treasuring a collection of such spheres for nearly a decade, and only occasionally made amulets with them. Maybe I'm trying to make them last, since I seem to have a nostalgic connection to them - I sourced them while we lived in the Middle East, and these small spheres have such beautiful deep purple tone, some include chevron patterns and they're just lovely.

A while back I decided to work with them some more, hoping to focus with a slightly more extended time to perhaps create a bit of a "series" around the spheres. But as each one again - although similar in look - is such an individual, they all end up very different indeed! No crystal ever is about just one energetic property, like people, there are many aspects to their capabilities. So with this series I'm exploring the energy of Amethyst by finding out which aspects of the Amethyst oversoul come forth with different select combinations of other crystals. It's all very fascinating.

I hope to have the first group to release shortly, and the second group in a few weeks perhaps. Many of these will be in the more affordable price range which I'm happy about, although there will be a few quirky amulets where a specific Amethyst sphere gravitate towards some rarer crystals (such as Charoite) or precious stones (Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby) so each will be still priced individually.

Rain, Roses & Rope

Back in my home country, Finland, celebrating Midsummer is a big thing. There must be some Solstice festivities going on around the UK too, but for us now, it's been family time. It's beautiful around Castleton area, so even the grey rainy weather didn't keep us indoors.
While waiting for the Solstice sun to show itself, at least we can enjoy the "rose season" with a multitude of glorious colours all around! 

And when the drizzle from the sky got a bit wetter, there was the Peak Cavern nearby to dive into, with a fascinating demonstration of olden days' rope making. 


Topping it off with something I've never yet tasted before: a slice of courgette cake! (It was yummy, off to find a recipe for this now, I think...)


Ah, those special Citrines...

A long while back I met a geologist from whom I got to hand-pick some of the most amazing honey hue Citrines I've ever come across. All natural, untreated, unheated lightbrary crystals from Congo, also sometimes called 'kundalini' crystals. Each has been such an individual that all of the amulets I've made with them have been quite different from each other, some in silk braid, some in macrame knotting, some in malas... The Citrines have brought such spirited joy into my studio that now when I only have three more left of this grouping, I'm already beginning to feel a slight longing for them... because very soon, when I make the three remaining ones wearable and they eventually find their new keepers - well, then my precious "Citrine phase" comes to conclusion. I'm already wanting to collect some of those images here - these ones here in silk braids. There are a few more to be dug out of my digital archives too. But for now, a quick look back at those special Citrine treasures that have gone on to their chosen keepers around the world. 

It's a wrap

Looking back at the past few years, whilst I indeed only make one-offs, there are a few amulets that I love returning to repeatedly. They seem to have a lot to explore from various directions... One of them being the double wrap bracelet, with various gemstones. Making one has a certain flow and ease - like musicians composing with notes, these strands are composed with crystal energy which forms a unique energy flow each time, depending on how and in what quantities the stones are combined. There are periods when making these are on hold, but I always return to them. Many, many of them have gone out into the world, here's a small selection of photos from my archives.

Give-Away to celebrate new website! (now closed)

(The Give-Away is now CLOSED. Winning numbers will be announced on Saturday the 20th June)

I'm over the moon excited about Spirit Carrier's new website. My web wizard husband has been working around the clock on this project, attending to every possible detail so that you'd enjoy looking around here and would have an enjoyable process if you decide to invite one of the crystal spirits here into your life.

And to celebrate this huge project finally wrapping up, I've decided to soon give away *THESE* crystal goodies - so there will be two lucky winners, one receiving the necklace, one receiving the pouch with Tiger Eye & Smokey Quartz. Let me tell you a little about these treasures...

The crystal amulet in black & white is one of a pair (quite unusual for me to make two similar ones! The other one has just recently sold in the Spirit Carrier shop). The crystals included are a rough white Quartz point, Lava Stone and a tumbled pebble of Lodolite (also known as Shaman Dream Stone Quartz). It's a relatively small amulet with adjustable length necklace cord and would be perfect also with a business outfit, if you'd like some crystal energy support in your work place for example. The other offering is a soft fabric pouch with wooden bead details. It comes with a Tiger Eye and a Smokey Quartz, both rough natural pieces - a great pair to meditate with for example, holding one crystal in one hand, the other in the other hand. The soft grey draw-string pouch has an inner lining of golden hue fabric and is big enough so you could also use it to carry more of your crystal treasures.

This Give-Away can be found on Spirit Carrier Facebook page, for the reason that I'll be able to assign a unique number to each entry and then in the end use a random number generator to find out the winner. I have always preferred to write each entrant's name onto a piece of paper and use the traditional hat (or a crystal bowl!) to pick the winners. But I know now from an earlier Give-Away that writing 200-300 names and cutting them out of the paper and folding them into the crystal bowl... well, it took forever! And I get too little sleep as it is... So we'll do it this way. If you're not on Facebook but would still like to enter, let me know and I'll think of a solution!

Simply leave a short comment in the specific Give-Away post on Facebook so I know you'd like to be included in the draw. No need for words even, just a little smiley will let me know you wouldn't mind winning one of these! Your comment is needed so that I can then reply to it with a *number* (which will enter you into the Give-Away). Starting now, until Friday the 19th June (midnight GMT time). I will announce the two winners on Saturday the 20th June.

Important: If your number wins, please contact me via the message button on Spirit Carrier Facebook page (or via my website) to let me know where to send your prize. If I don't hear back from you by Wednesday the 24th, a new winning number will be selected and your prize will be re-allocated.

Thank you for taking part!

Another pair of hands

In the beginning of the year I was working through the nights and increasingly wishing I could clone myself. So I sent out a call for help, to find another pair of skilful hands with a matching vision, so that Spirit Carrier could be of better service to the growing crystal tribe out there.

As serendipity would have it, someone I already knew, stepped forward. Like myself, Mira is also from Finland, and we share a background in the book arts. She's a fully fledged artist in her own right; a printmaker and a bookbinder, with an MA in Textile Design. The above image is one of her art works, an etching titled "Kulkue" (engl. "Procession"), which is now adorning the Spirit Carrier studio.

Mira has made fabulous progress in learning all the intricacies of my crystal cave. Meticulously she has charted knots and crystals, cords and styles, processes and techniques, braiding, sorting and learning. This has eased much of the earlier pressure in my various studio routines.

And because of her extensive experience and dedication, she has quickly progressed on to some beautiful crystal cairn amulets and bracelets.

So, there will be much crystal goodness in store from Spirit Carrier now with this teamwork, including a new range of 'Wisdom Keeper' pouches that we're working on with Mira. You'll be seeing more of our creations in the near future!

Talismans that have stayed

Because I originally began to make crystal necklaces so I could wear some of my lovely treasures, the temptation is still always there to keep a few more to myself... Yet now it also feels a bit selfish, perhaps, when I have so many crystals whispering, saying there are special individuals waiting for them and I need to release them onwards on their journeys. But there are a few I have kept or made for myself over the years, for various reasons, and I thought it might be interesting for you to see them. So here are some of them.

These two are older, from the time I wasn't yet making crystal amulets for others:

A few years back when I started my Usui Reiki training, I wanted to have a crystal to wear for the first attunement. This is what I made for that purpose, and ended up wearing it through all of my Reiki attunements all the way to the master level. This is one of my most used talismans, I often wear it when giving Reiki treatments:

As I tend to wear a lot of dark tone clothes, another solid companion amulet over the years has been this Aegerine, which I knotted with Almandine Garnet and Dalmatian Jasper:

This next stone talisman is quite earthy, 'wabisabi' in style and somewhat different from what I most often make. It also has some fine silver included which I've hand-sculpted over the top part of the stone before firing. A few years ago when I was selling on Etsy, I listed this talisman for sale thinking that I really shouldn't keep it (as much as I wanted to). So I made a deal with myself that if it hasn't been 'claimed' by anyone for a certain number of weeks, then I will allow myself to keep it! Weeks went by and this one indeed was not bought by anyone. Only then I realised how very much this one needed to stay with me. The stone is chert from the Hatta mountains in Oman (I picked it myself. We used to drive there quite a bit while living in that part of the world). I have to admit I still do this regularly, saying to myself that if something hasn't found a new keeper within a certain time, then I'm allowed to keep it - at least I've given the crystal the option to journey on..!

One of the more peculiar ways a crystal amulet has ended up staying with me is this Citrine. Every time I begin making a crystal wearable, I inspect it very carefully, cleanse it, get to know its shape, texture, weight and all of its physical and visual details, so that I will be able to find the best way to make it wearable. I've had a few of these special Citrines come my way. They're lightbrary crystals from Congo, completely natural and un-heated, deep honey tone and simply glorious in their energy. This necklace was among a half dozen that I had professionally photographed for me (by photographer Sylvain Deleu). As you can see from below, he really caught the glow of this wonderful gem beautifully! Then, for some inexplicable reason, when I finally got around to preparing this necklace for sale, I noticed the very tip of the crystal had a chip in it! Natural crystals often have chips and dents, scratches and marks, that all add to their life story, and I certainly consider crystals all the more beautiful because of them. But I couldn't understand how I hadn't noticed this chip before. To me it didn't look 'natural', it looked like 'no, I cannot sell a damaged crystal'. Or maybe it was just my way of giving myself a reason to keep the necklace? Because the vibe of this Citrine certainly wasn't damaged one bit! It's amazing. I'm telling myself a story about this Citrine chipping itself because it would have been the only reason to have me keep this necklace to myself...

Many crystals in my collection will always stay loose and won't become wearable in themselves. I use them for grids and meditation and take them along when travelling. Therefore this 'wisdom keeper' necklace pouch in black reindeer leather has been very practical. This is also one of the very early ones, and took forever to make. But I wouldn't do without now, it's so useful!

Over the years I've made a few bracelets that were originally born from something I made for myself. One of them is the double wrap crystal bracelet and my only "limited edition" piece, a chunky Carnelian bracelet (both showing below) - even though none of those is ever identical either as the shapes and sizes of the stones differ so much. I've made many of the double wraps in various colours, I love mine as it's comfortable, easy to put on and goes with everything! I also make a new chunky Carnelian bracelet whenever I'm able to get a few more of these stunning stones. I'll never know if there will be another one, but a few of them have so far found their keepers. I hope those who wear one, love theirs as much as I do mine!

The last talisman that I made for myself came from the need to have something to wear for my Reiki/Seichem attunements. Recently I completed the Reiki/Seichem teacher training, and this beautiful Ruby came to be my companion for this journey:

And this post of course wouldn't be complete without my mala. I cherish this one dearly. The counter beads are Chiastolite, and the other gems are Lodolite, Dalmatian Jasper and Almandine Garnet. I've also had a burning wish for a long time to make two other malas for myself, and perhaps one day I can spare the time and expense to... but for now, it feels a bit greedy so this is my only one:

Nearby cavern

I'm always fascinated by the atmosphere, textures, light and shadow in caves. Just a walking distance away we have this lovely one ~ with flow stone, stalagmites and stalagtites, glittering calcite 'sculptures'. 

Spring is pink

This time of year just couldn't be any more beautiful...

Spring is green

Another Sunday walk, this time around Castleton area, in the setting of Peveril Castle. Yet those white clouds did turn dark - and caught up with us too. Refreshing spring rain... Like Moomin Mamma says: "Rain is rain - just this one is wetter!"

Salty liquorice

If you happened to grow up in Finland, and then moved away, and suddenly for the first time in two decades accidentally find salty liquorice in a little sweet shop... well, that's one amazing day.

A few specials that have journeyed on from the studio

Just bringing to the light of day a few treasured pics 

from my extensive photo archives. I'll keep digging for more eventually...

More crystal goodness...

More crystal grids...

Walking and climbing

At this rate these blog posts will become very repetitive... just one walk-about after another! This time around the Roaches. Stunning scenery!

Crystal grids

The way I relax after work... playing with crystals!